OUR CAT Clumping Cat Litter with CHARCOAL (4kg)

OUR CAT Clumping Cat Litter with CHARCOAL (4kg)

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OUR CAT Clumping Cat Litter with Charcoal is an all natural product that is non-toxic, economical and easy to use. It has highly absorbent granules with charcoal that clumps together while absorbing moisture and eliminating unwanted odors.  Non-messy, low dust and does not loose its effectiveness over time.


Charcoal is both bonded to the litter and mixed among the litter granules, eliminating odor on contact.  OUR CAT Clumping Cat Litter with Charcoal helps keep your litter box fresh and your home smelling clean.


Charcoal is used for its absorbent properties. When placed near something with a strong smell, it absorbs the odor, making it useful for controlling litter box smells. Although each piece is small, the surface area of charcoal is larger than it appears thanks to multiple pores. These pores trap odors as they pass through the surface area of the charcoal. Because of the large surface area they create, they can trap a large amount of odors. This makes charcoal useful for trapping odors that emanate from the litter box.


Easy to use. Just use slotted scooper to remove soiled clumped potions. No messy job in  the disposal of non-clumping types which require frequent washing of litter box.


Economical. Instead of replacing the whole contents of the litter box regularly, simply add enough to replace discarded soiled portion.


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